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Monday, September 29, 2008

Stealing again

Once again I stole this from Travis, because I have no original thoughts of my own...

A:Accent: Texan Twang especially when I say *shit*

B:Breakfast or no Breakfast: I don't usually eat breakfast

C:Chore I hate: Laundry...

D:Dog or Cat: One dog, Levi

E:Essential Electronics: Sirius radio, I can write in a notebook but now without music

F:Favorite Perfume: uhhh...

G:Gold or Silver: I like them together

H:Handbag I carry most often: I don't carry a purse.. I should because it takes me an hour to find all the shit I need in the morning.

I:Insomnia: YES... midnight is early for me.

J:Job Title: Pharmacy technician

K:Kids: One son
L:Living Arrangement: House complete with an attic that will eventually be my office and Man cave for the hubby.

M:Most admirable trait: Do I have any?

N:Naughtiest childhood behavior: Getting in fights on the playground. Although I was taught never to hit anyone first so I had to talk them into hitting before I could fight. (Seriously, ask my cousin)

O:Overnight Hospital Stays: Just for the birth of my child. I don't do hospitals if I don't have to.. eeek

P:Phobias: Needles... who the hell invented those things anyway ... or Clowns.. creep mother... well anyway

Q:Quote: "I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me." Buffy the vampire slayer

R:Reason to smile: I'm I mom (Isn't that craziest thing you've ever heard?)

S:Siblings: One brother, one sister.

T:Time I wake up: depends on the kiddo. If I don't make it to bed until 3, he inevitably wakes up at 5 demanding to be fed.

U:Unusual Talent or skill: How to make Tequila dissapear completely.

V:Vegetable I refuse to eat: I like veggies

W:Worst Habit: Procrastination (Obviously... I'm filling out this stupid survey instead of writing my next scene)

X:X-rays: kidney stone...
Y:Yummy Stuff: Choco-lat....mexican food... thai food...
Z:Zoo animal I like the most: I know they don't really do anything but lay there, but I love the reptile house at the zoo. I really want a snake for a pet but my husband screams like a girl everytime I mention it.


Travis Erwin said...

I'm pretty sure shit actually has two I's and should be pronounced Shi-it.

I'm with you on the Sirius, forgot that on my list, but that liking vegetables bit stuck in my crawl.

Crystal Phares said...

That is freaking hilarious. I miss you! And I am scared to death to go to critique group with you...what if they hate me and all of that other phobic stuff you know is running through my head...