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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And now I have Jennifer Archer telling me what to do...

I think there is a higher power trying to tell me to get my ass in the chair to write. After Richard Castle so charmingly gave me the advice I so desperately needed, along comes Jennifer Archer. Here's and excerpt from her blog:

The thing is, I don't know many writers that didn't have a full load of other things going on in their lives when they started writing. In my case, when I started taking creative writing classes at night and began my first novel, I was raising two rowdy little boys, had a part-time job, ran a sideline residential rental property business with my husband, volunteered at my kids' school . . . and the list goes on. If you're serious about writing, you'll find a way to make it a routine part of your life. then she suggested a free write: Freewrite for ten minutes about why you want to write, or about what has been your experience with writing. What pushes you to write or what holds you back -- or both?

I used to freewrite all the time. In fact the idea for my novel came to me during a free write, where I wrote one scene, and the idea blossomed for me. So I sat down to write.

Something completley unexpected happened.

Here's my freewrite:

Since before I can remember, I have always had a nose in a book, but my first experience with writing happened when I was 14. I wrote a short story about a romance starring moi, and my crush- It was a hard core crush, too-but alas he only had eyes for my best friend. Isn't that how it always happens?

Anyway, I thought it was really good, but not good enough to show anyone. How embarrasing to think I'd actually be good at writing. I kept it for awhile but it eventually ended up in the trash.

I discovered poetry (ah teenage angst!) But I knew I could write and no one would have to know. I burned them when I was finished. When I was in college I used to make-up silly stories about my roomates. I joked about writing a story about us.

They thought it was great, I hid my terror of the idea byt saying "I was just joking guys, c'mon. I can't write a book!

I played around but I had no idea what I was doing and never dreamed I'd be successful. Then one day my dad found a piece of my writing. He'd been so proud of me for going to college to be a psych major, but he turned to me and said. "You know you can do this, right? This is really good. If this is really what you want to do- then do it."

A year later he was gone.

So, maybe this is why I write.

Because he said I could.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


Sarah said...

I am still waiting on that book about all of us. It would be a blast to read. And your Dad was right, YOU CAN DO THIS! If it is your passion, follow it. Don't be embarrassed to learn. Take a quote from Meet the Robinson's "We all have to fail before we succeed." "Just Keep Moving Forward"

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I helped in some small way to get your "ass in the chair!" Lovely post and wonderful freewrite. You can do this!

Nette said...

Mom and I were just talking to the kids about all the amazing times that you Dad knew that something was going on before anyone told him. Like if you were hurt he would call you before you could call and tell him. I think that is what he was doing, Steve was telling you that he could see you do this and that he knew that no matter if he was here or not that you would be one hell of a writer. I have to agree, I remember the first time you finally let me read something. Steve would be very proud of you and everything that you have done in the past 10 years. I know that he is watching you and waiting to see that you have a amazing book to show to the world. I am very glad that he looked into your future and can't wait to see what your writing will become. On that note,Happy Birthday to your Dad!