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Monday, March 2, 2009

My Town Music Monday

It kinda fits in both categories since what I'm featuring today is an original song by Lacey Brown who lives here in Amarillo. I first heard her sing at christmas at the church my brother attends.

Not long after he introduced me to her, we found out she had auditioned for American Idol. I followed even more religiously than usual, getting excited every time I spotted her on the show. She made it up until the top 36, where she didn't quite make the cut. I've been watching the show for the last few weeks and I for one don't know what the hell the judges were thinking:

Accompanied by Ryan Culwell who co-wrote Give Me a Heart with her:

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Travis Erwin said...

It's a shame she didn't make it to the finals. I would love to hear more from her. Maybe I can catch her live some time.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I wonder how many singers don't get chosen because they sing the wrong kind of songs or don't have the right look.

debra said...

I don't watch much American Idol---except when #2 daughter has it on. She does have a nice voice.