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Friday, February 13, 2009

Phallic Friday

I promise not to make this a weekly thing!

I have always understood that men have deep rooted "Attachment" to their genitals. All day long you're scratching and shifting and yanking on "the boys" But I never got how early it happened in your development.

My son is not even a year old. I've never seen him happier than the few minutes it takes to change the dirty diaper to a clean one. And if he can run off before the clean one gets put on he's ecstatic!

I buy the boy bath toys, but does he pay with them? NO. He's too busy pulling and pinching the little bits. He could play with the thing for hours!

But this morning was too much. I was changing his diaper and wiggled IT at me. Wiggled it! I could hear the words "Helicopter,helicopter..." echoing in the dark corners of my mind...

He WIGGLED he willy at me!

The little shit takes after his father... It just goes to show that men NEVER grow up!!!


Crystal Phares said...

You made me snort diet coke out of my nose again!!!

And I firmly believe that no, men do not ever grow up.

sunshine said...

That is absolutly hilarious! You are in for a fun ride rasing him!

Travis Erwin said...

There are some insticts to ingrained to remove.