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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two-Line Tuesday

From Christina Dodd's Touch of Darkness

As the Ferry closed on the island, he could see more detail-the blush of summer grass,the few trees, bent and blasted by wind, the white sand beaches beneath the cliffs. The place was a haven for seabirds; they wheeled through the air, crying of long migrations and short summers, and a single golden eagle flew high above them all, hunting...always hunting.

And mine:

It was still dark in the room, and though I couldn't hear the rain, I could see the shimmer of it against the glass of the window. From the chair next to my bed, a slumped figure snored softly.

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Crystal Phares said...

I can't wait to hear more tomorrow. i don't think I will have anything for critique, but its been a busy busy week. Thanks for being there for me!

Barbara Martin said...

Your description of the rain was comforting, and being the ever curious person I could imagine all sorts of identieis to the "slumped figure".

David Cranmer said...

Barbara beat me to it with mentioning "slumped figure". The story emerging in my mind has endless possibilities. Btw I am a fan of Ray LaMontagne's music and I enjoyed the video you posted.

Clare2e said...

I think you've got an evocative couple of lines there. They could imply so many things.

I'm also a Ray LaMontagne fan!